Welcome to the
Korean Peptide Protein Society.

Hello! Greetings to all members of our society. I have humbly taken on the heavy responsibility to be the president of the Korean Peptide Protein Society (KPPS). The best effort of mine will be made not to undermine any of your pride as a member of KPPS. For that, your guidance will be highly appreciated.


Our society aims at sharing information and thus developing knowledge on physiologically active peptides and proteins by understanding them at the molecular level and evaluating their pragmatic values which would expand their applications in a wide range of fields including biotechnology, nanotechnology, and biomedical engineering. Therefore, we could find ourselves at the forefront of the development of future bio-convergence studies by cherishing precious information obtained at the juncture of chemistry and biology. We are a brilliant facade for chemistry to enter biology with a great excitement to discover Nature. We also provide a link from basic academic knowledge to industrial endeavor in the area of peptides and proteins. Therefore, we believe that KPPS will be an intellectual arena for talented scientists to exert their outstanding imagination and unparalleled creativity with undaunted challenging spirit to tackle their unsolved problems.


Accordingly, in order to pursue those values, the following goals are made for KPPS during next two years. 

(1) We want to create a society full of intellectual motivation. By introducing novel information on science and cutting-edge technology, the imagination and creativity residing in the mind of our members could be spurred. 

(2) We want a society in which young scientists actively participate. They are the future of not only our society but also our nation’s academia and industry. We would like to inspire them to deploy their creativity by introducing decent research and creative minds. We want to make a society like a hometown for them, a society that shares good memories together, and a society that can be visited again at any time in the future. 

(3) We want a society enriched with dynamic human networking. In addition to the annual symposium, many regional meetings, both formal and informal, will be held so that humane relationship can be established among the members. 

(4) Also, we want to create an atmosphere where academic and industrial members interact with each other and are not alienated from each other. I hope these combined efforts end up making our society both recognizable in the nation’s scientific community and friendly among all the members of KPPS.


I am looking forward to having your active participation and full support.


Thank you very much.

Young-Ho Jeon, Ph.D.
President of the Korean Peptide Protein Society